the Castle

The party explored the top floor of the castle, finding the library, the torture room, the bed rooms, the master bedroom, the dining halls, eventually found the dungeon on the ground floor behind the stairs.
In the last room, the find a shard of the Kamas, after retrieving it the heard the crash of the cell doors opening and footsteps crashing behind them…

Preparation for the endwar

Move the 13th and Argus from Rekasa and the troops from Tal’Darin to Eisenfell
4-5 months
Ping Ping to improve the second wall in Eisenfell
Reparations with Rakasa, including Tractors and Agricultural gear

Eli brushed his hair, is wearing wears lavender skiny jeans


The party was invited to the capital airship by the emperor himself
whilst aboard Caius revealed his tretchery and killed Tanya, trapping her soul in a stone to prevent her passing.

Kes Lavir
Kes Lavir
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