Kes Lavir

Kes Lavir


Eli gave gems and jewels to Tayna to give to Kahlihera
Helped children named Farouk, Tayeb, Rashad, Diya.

Tel Cassis guard helps party get to man hole to lost embassy

Dagger, = 6 Aiya (Manaknife)
Battle axe = 7 Zuzu
Greatsword = 1 (
Bow = Phoenix
Warhammer = 1 Zuzu (Banishment, Lucious)
warmace = 17 Aiya (Stern Judgement)

Halberd = 1 Zuzu (Glory’s Charge)
Scimitar = 14 Eli (Blazing Wind of the Desert, Tahmid Ruh)
Bastard sword = 19 Eli (God’s Knife, Decimus)

Kes Lavir

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